Let the billboards to the talking for you

Millions of people commute to work each day and they could be listening to your advertisement.

Truly sending a message

So what is the more effective way to sell a Cadillac, putting advertisements on the radio or plastering them on a billboard? A new campaign by Caddy confounds that question by combining radio and billboard advertising into a single medium. The automaker has erected billboards in 14 U.S.cities including Houston that transmit a radio signal to cars passing by.

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Ventures in record promotions

In the seemingly never-ending search for ways to expose recording artists directly to consumers, Atlantic Records has formed Low Power Radio Ventures, an ancillary promotion department that will use low power radio broadcasts to promote its acts and generate advertising revenues.

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Billboards that talk to you

Consider it the latest wave in billboard advertising. As commuter traffic increasingly grinds to a halt, the $2 billion-plus billboard industry naturally looks to position itself as the advertising medium that all eyes are upon.